Question by Jodi H: bath accessories in a lime green?
I am in require of some ideas for bath photographs/ accessories to go with my shower curtain. It is white w/ limes,black and grayish flower design and style. Please aid if you know of any sites for decent priced things

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Answer by Invisigoth
bed, bath and beyond normally has some exciting bath accessories. They adjust out pretty fast so it really is kind of hit and miss as to what specifically you will locate. What’s obtainable on the internet is usually what is offered in the store. The last time I was in they had some green and black bath accessories (ebony wood and green glass).

also if you have an Anna’s Linens near you, you can get some fascinating and affordable issues for your bathroom. once more they are really hit and miss, so you have to go in.

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bath accessories in a lime green?
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