Some cool dressing table mirror with lights pictures:

18/06/2009 (Day 3.169) – Directions For Angels
dressing table mirror with lights
Image by Kaptain Kobold
Fairy Lights and Tiny Word for FGR? Accomplished.
My studio for TRP? Well, I take a lot of pictures in my bedroom, so yes, that is completed.
Some lighting for TotW? Accomplished
Half Nekkid? Yes

That’s me sorted for today then. Title courtesy of iTunes’ shuffle facility.

Yes, when once more the fairy lights about our dressing-table mirror come to my rescue for a 365 Days picture. At this price I could nearly claim that I bought them for Flickr. Perhaps I will.

Much better Than A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick If Viewed On Black

Update: I’ve realised that this is my 900th self-portrait for 365 Days!

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23/12/2008 (Day two.358) – Computer systems Are Exciting!
dressing table mirror with lights
Image by Kaptain Kobold
Our stuff arrived 3 weeks ago, but it took until this weekend ahead of we got to the point where we could unpack our Computer and set it up on a desk. Mostly since the place we wanted to put the desk was occupied by boxes. And far more boxes.

Anyway, the Pc fired up OK but, owing to its lack of proximity to the router, needed a wireless adapter before we could use the net/networking on it.

Yesterday we purchased a single. I set it up and it worked initial time hooray – three net-capable machines in one particular home, albeit that a single is a very ropey laptop.

Yesterday evening the Computer decided to cease talking to the world wide web. Or the network. Right after working fine for 4 hours.

I went into full diagnostic mode. Checked all of the connections. Checked the configurations. Attempted the wireless adapter on a laptop operating the same operating program. Compared configurations and set-up across three machines. Almost everything seemed fine the router could see the Computer, the Computer said that it had a wireless connection, but nothing was happening amongst them. I attempted each and every trick I could feel of, but still could not get connectivity. I began to feel that here was a fault with the adapter, but could not see what it might be. Lastly, this afternoon, after much hair-pulling and swearing, I located the answer.

The Pc has been in a box for 3 months. The very first point it did after I plugged into into the internet was to go off and appear for Windows updates. Then it installed them.

And one particular of them broke the driver for the new wireless adapter.

Yes, get an web connection set up, so that you can right away download application to break that connection.

The problem is now solved I rolled back the update, then installed an updated version of the adapter’d driver. Then allowed the update to take place again this time it left my net connection intact.

Although anything broke iTunes I’ve just spent he last hour re-installing that.

Computer systems: a lot more exciting than something else you may well have wanted to do today.

This picture does not show the pc it shows our dressing-table mirror lit by fairy-lights we’ve often wanted a mirror fringed with fairy-lights. Effectively, I have anyway. Now we have 1 🙂

And I did not flip this I wrote on the pad backwards. Easier to do than you may possibly think simpler than discovering a quick answer to wireless networking troubles, anyway.

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18/06/2009 (Day 3.169) – Instructions For Angels
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