​Save the Corporations…I mean Children
But these two hardly make up the entire decision-making apparatus of the global behemoth that is Save the Children. How did such a disastrous decision slide through the ranks? A quick scan of the current and former occupations of Save the … and …
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NASA's Webb Telescope Mirror Tripod in Action
Webb's backplane is a large structure which holds and supports 18 big hexagonal mirror segments that make up the primary mirror of the telescope. The backplane will support the primary mirror segments and carry the other telescope optics and the …
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Oil patch highways some of New Mexico's most deadly
Lance Bateman, who supervises three counties that make up the Department of Public Safety District 3. “A lot of (the people working in the oil fields) don't live here. We've seen …. “Big time out of service on his hours,” Bailey informs Knapp. The …
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​Save the Corporations…I mean Children
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